Franjo’s Kitchen Breastfeeding Biscuits – Tanker Topper – Gluten Free Currant & Coconut


Franjo’s Tanker Topper Breastfeeding Biscuits are the perfect snack for Breastfeeding Mama’s. Containing galactagogues – ingredients that have been used for centuries to support a healthy milk supply, these biscuits are not only yummy but supports a healthy milk supply so both mama and baby can thrive. And did we mention, they are also Gluten Free and Vegan!

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The hero ingredients of organic coconut flakes and organic currants are blended with superfoods, Australian grown teff flour, chia seeds and buckwheat. But it doesn’t stop there. Each little morsel of crunchy deliciousness also contains gluten-free brewer’s yeast, flaxseed meal and quinoa flakes – ingredients that have been used for centuries to make your mooies milk.

Yep, these coconutty bosom boosters are packed full of vitamins, minerals and good fats. What they don’t contain are gluten, dairy, eggs and refined sugar making them perfect for gluten avoiders and vegans.*

Don’t get stuck bingeing on a sugary snack when the hunger hits. Stock up on these delicious currant and coconut biscuits for your boobs. They’ll give you the energy you need to get through the day on two hours sleep. And they’ll support a healthy milk supply to keep bub happy and nourished.


Gluten-free flour mix (organic buckwheat, teff), organic coconut oil, organic coconut sugar, organic maple syrup, organic shredded coconut (10%), organic currants (9%), organic quinoa flakes, flaxseed meal, chia seeds, gluten-free brewer’s yeast, bicarbonate of soda, cinnamon, citrus fibre, water.

14 Biscuits per tin.

Use by date: 20 May 2021

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